Labbayk Ya Hussain!

Serve humanity in the name of Aba Abdillah (AS)

This Muharram, we have all been chosen to help reach thousands of impoverished people around the world.

Throughout the month, we’re reminded of the suffering and tragedies that our Ahlulbayt (as) endured in Karbala.

Today, suffering continues around the world, as millions of people have little to no access to water, food or someone to help them.

We want you to join the servants of Hussain (as) and provide relief to those in desperate need.

One Donation Can Impact Someone’s Life

From sponsoring a majlis to building a water well in the name of Abu Fadhl Abbas (as), your donations can reach people globally this Muharram.

Imam Hussain (as) had no one to answer his call, but we can make sure that the cries for help from millions around the world aren’t left unheard.

Our Labbayk Ya Hussain packages can help people where aid is most needed, provide a one-month food pack or sponsor a majlis.