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Supporting Orphans & Widows

To date, we supported over 5,400 orphans and widows.

Our Orphans, Widows & Vulnerable programme integrates multiple forms of aid into one response, supporting in the following way:

1. Zero Hunger

We provide hot meals and staple food packs throughout the year.

2. Good health and wellbeing

We provide medical check-ups, vaccinations and health screenings for children as well as treatment for chronic and seasonal ailments, diseases and conditions.

  1. 3. Quality Education 

The Zahra Trust provides support and actively encourages children to go to school through various projects such as providing books and school supplies, facilitating access to online resources and providing computers to children to aid their learning.

  1. 4. Clean Water and Sanitation 

The Zahra Trust provides water access to vulnerable communities in flood, drought and disaster-prone regions. Last year, we built 200 water wells, installed 5 Ultrafiltration Stations alongside numerous handpumps and distributed hygiene kits and water storage units to communities in Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan

You can help support this work that provides a lifeline to those in need.

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The Zahra Trust USA is project of the Zahra Foundation LTD. The Zahra Foundation LTD is as an exempt organization as described in Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code