Building Opportunities, One Brick At A Time

What’s the best gift you could give to a child?

You have an amazing opportunity to sponsor a child’s education for $72 under our Ya Sakina packages.

It is narrated by Imam Ali (as): “He who does not learn in his young age, will not advance in his adult age”.

Your sponsorship has the power to change a child’s outlook on life, it’s an incredibly powerful tool in the fight against poverty.

We ensure that the children under our care are given tuition classes, spiritual education and also have the chance to learn through educational day trips and interactive activities.

Help us build a school in Karbala!

Our Ya Sakina fund was created to make sure every child’s need is accommodated.

Today, there are almost 3.2 million school-aged children in Iraq who are out of school. You can change this one brick at a time.

For $72, you can help us build a school in Karbala to support thousands of young children to make sure they are receiving quality education in a secure and safe environment.

Help us build a school in the name of the daughter of Hussain (as).

Support an orphan and widow for the entire year!

Our aim at The Zahra Trust is to change and empower lives.

Your donations support widows who are unable to earn for themselves or find the means to financially support their family. A one-off payment of $600 can provide holistic support for an orphan and widow for one year.

In Iraq, we run ongoing training programmes for illiterate widows, teaching them to read, write and train them with marketable skills such as handicraft production and tailoring.

Each donation has the power to transform the lives of people who have suffered devastating circumstances.

Please consider donating $600 toward our Ya Sakina fund.