What’s different this Ramadan?

We’re fast approaching the half way point of the Blessed Month of Ramadan. A few points to notice how this blessed year is different than those before it.

There’s a war going on

We’re feeling in our country the impact of a war happening in Europe where innocent people are suffering and facing oppression. As a consequence we’re finding that prices of food and fuel have been going up. People around the world are suffering similar increases in costs of food and resources. The most affected are the poorest in the world, they’re struggling to pay for basic necessities and need your help.

Inflation is at record numbers

The cost to feed a person anywhere in the world has gone up! Countries where people were mostly self-sufficient are now struggling. More people in needy nations are looking for support and meals than ever before. Help provide iftaar to the most vulnerable this year with your donations. 

Instability in nations, effects those who can’t leave

Whether we look at Afghanistan, the long lasting conflict in Yemen, refugees from the conflict in Shaam, or the changing circumstances in Pakistan, the true needy people can’t escape the hardships, there’s no leaving the challenges and difficulties. Those are the people that need our help the most.

You’re accomplishing more than ever with your donations!

Your efforts and support have made impacts to these people in the most difficult of circumstances. With more meals being served to those in need. More food packs given out this year than ever before and the chance to bring a true positive impact to the lives of people in the world! Continue to share your support and see the change you can be in the world. 

We’re distributing aid in Kenya, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, for Refugees and people in dire need around the world!  Check our blog for additional pictures and posts throughout the month. 

Send your Sadaqa for the nights of Qadr!

There’s still time to send real time donations to reach people
in time for the nights of Qadr by donating online.

You can always Venmo us Sadqa through out the year for
immediate disbursement to the most needy people around the world.