February Updates 2022

School for Orphans: Promoting Higher Education

The Zahra Trust strives to spread knowledge and ensure that children are receiving all the help they need to be successful in school. Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to host a series of lessons for orphans and underprivileged students who were struggling in school. Several topics were covered including physics and chemistry. Watch the video to learn more about the project!

Congratulatory march to the shrine by Orphans: Celebration of birth of Imam Ali(as)

On the occasion of the birth of Imam Ali (as), Zahra Trust volunteers in Najaf and sponsored orphans participated in a congratulatory march to the shrine of Imam Ali (as). The march included poems and prose in honor of Imam Ali. Sweets were distributed to all the visitors, and the volunteers took the orphans for lunch after the event. Watch the video below to see what your donations help us accomplish!