2020 Year in Review

Here’s a brief look at how you’ve changed the world this year and what we’re looking forward to in the year to come.

5 years going strong!

The Zahra Trust was registered in America as a 501(c)3 organization November 30, 2015. Since then we’ve grown every year and worked hard to be a change in the world. Every year we take on more responsibility and extend your aid to people in need. We’re looking to make this next year like every year, better than the last!

2020 a year of challenges:

Though this year has had unique challenges we’re blessed to be able to say, The Zahra Trust has continued to grow and lend aid to more people than ever before. With covid aid packages containing medicine, food and financial support people have been grateful for your efforts. In addition to aiding people in the global pandemic we’ve also helped people in Beirut, refugees from the conflict in Shaam, built classrooms in Myanmar, dug wells for entire villages and fed hundreds of thousands of people in need!

Our two biggest numbers from our 2019/2020 activities

Next steps

We’re working on a number of new projects to help improve both, our visibility to the work we do, and your ability to aid people around the world!

Our website will soon be showing pictures and videos from around the globe  of your donations reaching people in need. We’re working on sharing updates of the orphans you’ve sponsored over the last year. There’s a new process for sponsorship in development following international standards of child aid we’re working on establishing and should be ready to share soon. 

Our over 20 water wells sponsored this year are currently being implemented and should be ready to share with donors in the coming months!

Winter Warm packs and heaters are being distributed to refugees and families in urgent need. Pictures and videos will follow soon.

Check out our Khums resources

Final Thoughts:

5 years ago, it was a dream that we would together make a change in the world. Today we’re making the dream a reality every day! Thank you for your trust, and support and we look forward to continuing our work together and helping all those in need.

With Prayers for a Safe and Prosperous New Year for All,

The Zahra Trust USA Team