Qurbani 2020

The days of Hajj are upon us! While COVID-19 has impacted us all in having the ability to go to Hajj and visit the Holy Kaba, we can still commemorate these holy days through giving and making a change in the world in honor of Prophet Ibrahim’s commitment to sacrifice in the way of Allah!

Send your Qurbani around the world to people in Need!

This year the Zahra Trust is working to provide Qurbani meat to people around the world. When you sponsor a sheep or goat, it will be slaughtered on Eid and delivered to orphans, widows and families in urgent need. We will be distributing this year in Yemen Sheep Qurbani – $140 Iraq Sheep Qurbani – $250 Syrian Refugees Sheep Qurbani – $250 Pakistan Goat Qurbani – $65 Tanzania Goat Qurbani – $60 Kenya Goat Qurbani – $60 Qurbani in Realtime!

All Qurbani sponsored by Thursday, August 30th will be performed on Eid Day!

People in most extreme need are looking for your support.


FAQ on Qurbani
Is it wajib to perform qurbani?

Qurbani becomes wajib for someone who is performing Hajj. It is required for someone in the state of ehram of Hajj. If we’re not at Hajj, Qurbani isn’t wajib but it is still mustahab to perform and share the meat with people in need.

For many people this is special time as they can’t afford meat through out the year.

Can’t afford a full Qurbani? No Problem!

Make a donation through our Qurbani Page for “Qurbani Support” for any amount you can afford and the funds will be dedicated to provide qurbani to people in need around the world

COVID Support is still needed
Many of the Nations where we provide aid are continuing to be affected by COVID19. Your support has been instrumental in helping the poorest of people who need help now more than ever.

We’ve been providing medical, financial, nutritional support for those affected by the virus, and providing hygiene kits for orphans and widows for refugees and the destitute.  Our work continues here at home providing assistance for families in our community as well.

Continue your support for people affected by COVID.

Ramadhan in Review
This year in the month of Ramadhan even with the trials of COVID19, you accomplished great efforts in helping people around the world with: Over 500 Food parcels for needy families Over 30,000 hot meals served 50 Orphans sponsored for the whole year 20 wells dug for people in need of water We’re working on documenting and sharing the great progress around the world you’ve supported and look foward to sharing more details soon.

May all our efforts be accepted and our prayers answered in these holy days.

Peace, prayer and hope,

The ZT USA Team