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Zuhair Hussaini

Who Are You?

My name is Zuhair, and I am an architectural designer based in New York City. But before that, I am also a Qur’an reciter and if there is one concept that God continues to remind us about through His words, it’s charity.

What Are You Fundraising For?

Afghanistan, both short-term and long term projects.


For as long as I can remember, Afghanistan has been in turmoil and no one has suffered more than the people of Afghanistan themselves. Despite never setting foot in my homeland, I feel a sense of responsibility to help and do whatever is within my reach to raise and contribute financially. No amount of donation is ever too little, whether it puts a roof above a family or brings about a smile to a child who’s seen nothing but war. The Zahra Trust has done spectacular work in Afghanistan in trying to improve quality of life but they cannot do this on their own. This only becomes more vital during the blessed month of Ramadhan and I am here to help with this cause God Willing.

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