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Three Friends Running 100km in Ramadhan

Who Are You?

Our names are Mohamed Ridha Hamid, Mousa Baraka and Ahmed Mahammed and we will be aiming to run a total of 100K each whilst fasting during the holy month of Ramadhan.

What Are You Fundraising For?

We will be doing this in aid of The Zahra Trust’s Ramadan appeal which goes to help the various projects and work that it carries out.


Islam is a religion of charity and caring for your fellow human. It is important for us to try to give something back to the less privileged communities to allow them to have a better quality of life.

Ramadhan is a month for self-reflection and in this spirit, we would like to use the time to help the fantastic work of The Zahra Trust.

The run whilst fasting will highlight the struggles some people go through, living with very little food and water.

Your generous donations will provide opportunities for the less privileged communities to have a sense of belonging and know that people care about how they live.

Support Three Friends Running 100km in Ramadhan

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