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Imam Mahdi’s Little Helpers

Who Are You?

We are a group of Mums, who are ready to make a change. We believe this change starts with the new generation. United in the reflection that whilst we shower our own children with love and warmth, we have a duty to help those children whose circumstances do not provide them with the same opportunities. Our children wanted to get involved and will be fundraising throughout the month inshallah!

The children taking part are:

  • Masuma Noor & Ahmad Ali
  • Abdulhafeedh & Fatima
  • Layla & Aliya
  • Aliya, Amena & Asiya
  • Layla Zahra & Muhammad Zaki
  • Aasiya, Saara & Ilhaam

What Are You Fundraising For?

We along with our children (who have been busy brainstorming creative ways to fundraise) would like to make a difference and inshAllah raise £3000 to help provide education for children in Iraq.


“Every child has the right to education” In Islam, knowledge and teaching is the foundation of upbringing. According to religious teachings, the best time for education is the childhood period. Therefore, the most important right of a child is to provide the environment for his education and training. The purpose of education is to enable the child to develop to his or her fullest possible potential.

“Those who spend their wealth in Allah’s way by night and by day, secretly and publicly – they will have their reward with their Lord.” (2:274)

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