March Updates 2022

Celebration for the month of Shabaan

The Zahra Trust volunteers in Najaf and Diwaniyah, Iraq held a celebration for the month of Shabaan in the name of our Holy Lady Zahra. Families were invited to celebrate the beginning of the Holy month of Shabaan and enjoyed some festivities. There were sweets, juices, snacks and a short lecture during the celebration. Take a look at the photos below to see the celebrations in both cities!

Providing School lessons for kindergarteners

As we continue our mission to educate and aid people around the world, Zahra trust volunteers in Najaf, Iraq continue to provide lessons for kindergarteners. During these educational lessons, children are able to learn how to recite the Holy Quran and how to work together. They are given recreational time to play together and are provided with snacks and nutritional lunch thanks to your generous donations. Watch the video below to see what your donations do for so many children! 

Celebrating girls reaching their islamic age of responsibility

The Zahra Trust team in Najaf, Iraq, held a celebration for several young girls reaching their Islamic Age of Responsibility. In honor becoming Baligh and preparing to transition to young women, the Zahra trust provided them with prayer mats and hijabs along with other small gifts to celebrate them. Poems were recited in honor of the Holy Prophet and Lady Zahra, and food and drinks were provided for everyone. Watch the video and take a look at the photos below to see the celebration!

Distribution of flour to the orphans and families in need for preparation of Ramadan

In preparation for the Holy month of Ramadhan, Zahra Trust volunteers in Najaf, Iraq, delivered bags of flour to registered orphan and less fortunate families. As this Holy month approaches, we endeavor to ensure that our registered families are breaking their fast comfortably each day. Your generous donations make events like these possible. Watch the video below to see what your donations do for these families!

Mother’s Day field tirp: Orphans visit the elderly

On Mother’s Day in Shabaan, Zahra Trust volunteers took a field trip to a Nursing Home with registered orphans to visit the elderly. The children made crafts for the elderly and brought them snacks, drinks, and presents. They recited poetry, handed out gifts, and spent some time with the elderly, lifting their spirits during the Holy month of Shabaan. Watch the video from the event below!

Have you paid your Fidyah?

As the month of Ramadhan approaches, it is very important for us to make up any missed fasts and pay fidyah and kaffarah before the month begins. Fidyah is a compensation offered for not being able to fast and Kaffarah is an expiation for deliberately breaking one’s fast without a valid excuse/reason during the month of Ramadan. Visit this link to pay your Fidyah and or Kaffarah. Last Ramadhan we were able to aid over 5 million people and inshallah with your support this number can only grow in 2022. Please watch and share the video below: