For the Youth 2022

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An estimated 1 billion children around the globe live in multidimensional poverty. Furthermore, more than 500 million youth aged 15-24 live on less than $2 a day.

In celebration of Imam Hassan al Mujtaba (as), one of the Masters of the Youth of Paradise, let us stand united in advocating for youth in need.


Meet Karrar

Karrar is 23 years old and has 8 brothers and sisters.

Karrar’s mother passed away a few years ago. After her devastating loss, within 6 months his aunt who helped care for them also passed away. 5 months later his father also passed away. At this point, he and his siblings moved into an orphan’s care facility with their grandmother who was helping care for them. Sadly, she also soon passed away.

Since the loss of their key family members and caregivers. Karrar, his brother and sister began taking care of their other 6 siblings. Daily, Karar and his siblings struggle to care for their younger brothers and sister. Without a stable job and support, they face difficulties every day.

It is Karrar’s dream to be able to provide a home for his siblings and eventually help other orphans in need.

To support orphans and youth in critical need like Karrar and his siblings donate today.

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