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Sarah’s Cookery

Who Are You?

I’m Sarah, a content and recipe creator, also known for Sarah’s Cookery, a food and coffee blog. I use my platform to share delicious ways to feel better! Starting with sharing recipes online, this hobby has now evolved into a part-time business where I create content with clients like Nespresso and Lavazza. Through the content I’ve made, more specifically the coffee videos, it has helped a lot of my viewers cope better with their anxiety and mental health as it’s a place of comfort and “therapy” for them; this sits at the heart of what I do.

I’m only getting started on my journey, but the brand, Sarah’s Cookery’s core purpose has remained the same from when I wrote my first recipe, which is to share delicious ways for people to feel better. It gave me a sense of purpose and ambition, and I know through it I can help thousands more too!

What are you fundraising for?

I will be participating in the Water Aid Campaign. The main reason I’m taking part in this is to raise awareness on the less fortunate, specifically the orphans who I’ve seen first-hand, struggling on a daily basis just to seek the bare minimum of a drink of clean water. Through this advocacy work, I’m hoping this will be an ambitious strategy to affect change.


Since starting this content creation journey, where I’ve self-taught many things and have ran through trial and error throughout, I’ve not been apart of philanthropy. I was very thrilled to have been approached to do this, especially during a blessed month like Ramadan and April. To be able to use my platform for the better good of others and help the less fortunate, I count myself very lucky.

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