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Arabiq Online

Who am I?  

I’m Nazmina Dhanji: founder of Arabiq Online – an online course provider specialising in Quranic Arabic courses. I’m also the author of 50 Quranic Comforts for Mums, and a published translator of many Islamic books from Arabic into English. 

What are you raising for?  

This Ramadan, I intend to raise funds for The Zahra Trust’s Orphans project Insha’Allah,


This is a cause very close to my heart. Being a mother of 4 children who are my life, my source of motivation for everything I do, who light up my eyes when they walk into the room and who, in turn, feel my love as a mother in their lives, it breaks my heart that so many of our Muslim community’s children are bereft of the very basic human need of a mother or father – the cornerstone of their very existence in this world, through no fault of their own. Our beloved Prophet (pbuh), was himself an orphan, and prioritised looking after orphans, as did his noble wife Khadija, his children and grandchildren after him. Looking after orphans is a legacy of the Ahlul Bayt (as) and I cannot call myself a lover of theirs without at least having tried to follow in their footsteps in this regard. 

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