Munji al Zahra Private School

Munji al Zahra is a private school located in Kabul, Afghanistan, in which boys and girls are educated from grades 1 through 6. At Munji al Zahra the children are taught academic studies, as well as Islamic studies.

Alphabet Celebration

Children took part in an alphabet celebration with the presence of faculty and staff. The students took part in the celebration by dressing up and presenting poems and speeches relating to what they’ve learned. The program also included a speech from faculty to the students

Birth Anniversary of Sayyida Zaynab (sa) Celebration

Children took part in a celebration of the birth anniversary of  Sayyida Zaynab (sa). The students participated in celebrating the birth anniversary of Sayyida Zaynab (sa) by presenting speeches and poems.

Student Life at Munji al Zahra Private School  

Munji al Zahra is open to both boys and girls from grade 1 through grade 6. At the private school, students are taught academic as well as Islamic studies, to ensure they are well equipped for the future. Students are taught important skills to build  their future, regardless of their circumstances.

Education is essential for development, equipping people at all ages with the tools to work their way out of poverty independently and break the cycle of poverty for generations to come. Help us continue our efforts by donating to support education and training efforts.

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