Pole 470 Mowkeb

Serve Imam Hussain (as) by serving his zuwaar

Arbaeen day is fast approaching and the zuwaar of Imam Hussain (as) are embarking on the blessed walk from Najaf to Karbala.

You can offer them peace and comfort on their long, tiring journey whilst gaining immense reward by supporting our mowkeb at pole 470.

This Arbaeen, let us continue to come together in service of Imam Hussain (as).

Did you know?

The Zahra Trust Mowkeb at pole 470 is more than a Mowkeb.

This facility is home to an array of multidimensional projects and initiatives to serve people in need across communities.

A decade ago, we embarked upon a journey to construct a large building with a village to home orphans and widows behind the building.

This ongoing project continues to expand, however the initiatives it has been constructed to achieve are well underway.