August Updates 2022

State of Emergency in Afghanistan

Earlier this year, the country of Afghanistan experienced a terrible drought, followed by an earthquake. The people of Afghanistan were in need of our help, and you, our generous donors, delivered. We were able to provide emergency aid and help hundreds of people in need. However, as some of you may have heard, there was a large flood in Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan a few days prior. This flood has caused the destruction of homes, livestock, and all agriculture, and has also caused the death of over 100 people. Afghanistan is once again in need of our urgent help.

Click the link below to donate now and help them through this difficult time. 

Sewing and Knitting Class for Mothers and Daughters

Continuing our mission to promote education and help those in need in the name of Lady Zahra, our team in Karbala began a sewing and knitting workshop for mothers and daughters. Families were able to come in, enjoy a breakfast meal, and spend a few hours learning how to sew and knit for the last three days. After the completion of the lesson each day, attendees were provided with lunch as well, and we were able to distribute over 200 meals today.

Thanks to your generous donations, we are able to hold workshops such as these that provide important skills to individuals around the world! Watch a short slideshow of the event below!

Summer Session for Orphans: Najaf, Iraq

Since the beginning of the month of August, the Zahra Trust has been holding a summer workshop for less fortunate and orphaned children. Today was the sixth day of Mrs. Ruqayya’s Summer Session, and 40 children were provided with another day full of educational and recreational activities including lessons in English, basic computer skills, memorization of states and countries, and memorization of the Holy Qur’an. Additionally, 100 breakfast meals and 90 hospitality meals were provided to participants and their parents.

Take a look at the photos below to see what your generous donations are doing for others!

Your Majalises around the World

Each year during the month of Muharram, we work to organize as many majalises as possible within different countries to allow everyone to commemorate Imam Hussain (AS) and his hardships. Within the last two and a half weeks of the month of Muharram, we have been able to organize several different Majalises in Afghanistan, Najaf, and Karbala thanks to your kind donations. Orphans and widow families, as well as other less fortunate families, are provided with a place where they can come together to commemorate Imam Hussain (AS) and his family, as well as food to take home after the Majalis.

Take a look at the photos below from events all over the world!

Afghanistan: August 5, 7, 8

Najaf: August 13

Distributing sweet milk to Syrian Refugees

Over the course of the first 13 days of Muharram, our team was able to distribute over 13,000 glasses of sweet milk and cakes to Syrian refugees from near the Haram of Syeda Zainab (AS).

Thanks to your kind donations, our team was able to prepare, package, and distribute milk and cakes to refugees in need in the name of Lady Zahra (AS) and Lady Zainab (AS).

Take a look at the video of one of the days below to see what your donations can do for those in need. 

Providing appliances for the people in need

As a part of our mission to provide aid to those in need, our team in Karbala was able to provide 13 families with a variety of appliances for their homes. According to their respective needs, 6 air conditioners, 5 refrigerators, a stove, and a washing machine were delivered to these families.

Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to provide some comfort for these families in the name of Lady Zahra during the summer heat.

Watch the video below to see the deliveries being made!

Yemen Housing Project update

The Zahra Trust has been working hard all throughout this year to bring aid to families in need, and we are pleased to give you an update regarding our Yemen Housing Project. This project gave less fortunate families the ability to have a place to call home, and to own some property under their name. Our volunteers worked hard to build homes for those in need, and thanks to your kind donations, we were able to give these families a roof over their heads.

Watch the video below to see the homes being built in Yemen!