Last call for Qurbani

Tonight at 11:59 PM EDT is the cut-off to fulfil your Qurbani this year.

You can celebrate Eid with your loved ones knowing that someone else around the world is also enjoying this day thanks to your donation!

You can provide a meat parcel for as little as $25.

These 10 days are filled with opportunities to earn infinite rewards and you can do this by making a sacrifice with The Zahra Trust.

Don’t forget the little ones!

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring a smile to the face of a little one. An Eid gift for them = infinite rewards for you.

Across our areas of operation, there are thousands of children who never get to fully enjoy the day of Eid.

But with your $35 donation, you can provide a gift which could include stationery, sweets, clothing and toys to the lovely children under our care.

Cut-off for Eid gifts is also tonight at 11:59 PM EDT