January Updates 2022

Tablets for Orphans: Promoting Higher Education- A Success Story

Earlier this month we were alerted that six orphan girls in Najaf, who are being sponsored by the Zahra Trust, were entering their final year of high school. Their increased workload would require them to have some form of technology as well as stable internet access, which we were looking to provide in the form of tablets. Each tablet would cost about $225, bringing our total goal to $1,350. In order to help them further their education, a Zahra Trust campaign was launched on January 11th, and just ten days later we have raised more than $1,500 for this wonderful cause. With the help of Allah (SWT) and thanks to you, our wonderful donors, we are now able to provide these young women with what they need to continue their education.

Food Packages for Orphan and Refugee Families

With the help of Allah (SWT) and your kind donations, our team in the Middle East was able to distribute over 300 food supply packages for orphan and refugee families in need. Thank you for your generous donations that help so many people in need! Watch the video below to see the distribution!


In an effort to continue helping the people of Afghanistan, the Zahra Trust continues to distribute many types of aid to the needy families within the country. On January 11th, Trust volunteers distributed food parcels to the poor of Bamyan, Afghanistan. Thanks to your donations, we were able to help countless individuals!

Lady Ummul Baneen Event in Najaf

In loving memory of Lady Ummul Baneen, the Zahra Trust held an event in Najaf, Iraq. Women and children were invited to learn about her life and commemorate her dedication to the Ahlul Bayt. After a lecture and dua, attendees were provided with financial aid and fresh meat by the foundation. Your donations made this event possible!

Celebrating the Birth of Lady Zahra

In honor of the birth of Lady Zahra, the Zahra Trust held a celebration for young women. During this event, the girls were able to recite poetry, participate in games, and enjoy sweets. Small gifts as well as food packages were given out at the end of the celebration. Watch a video of the event below!