December Updates – Part 2

Celebrating Holy Lady Zainab’s Birthday in Bamyan, Afghanistan

In celebration of Holy Lady Zainab’s Birthday, the Zahra Trust held a celebration for families in Bamyan Afghanistan. Attendees were provided with warm meals, sat for a lecture, and listened to poetry read by children in honor of Lady Zainab. Alhumdulillah, the event was a great success thanks to your generous donations, and we look forward to organizing more events in the future! Check out the photos from the event below!

A Newly Registered Family

As the year comes to an end, the Zahra Trust continues its mission to provide for the needy around the world. New families are being registered with the organization, and thanks to generous contributions from you, our donors, we are able to provide basic necessities for them. Below is a video of volunteers delivering some carpet, mattresses, and other items to a newly registered family. Click the link to see what your donations do for our families!