πŸŽ‰ A Mercy to Mankind! πŸŽ‰

Milad un Nabi Mubarak!

β€œAnd we have not sent you [O Muhammad], but as a mercy to the worlds.” (The Holy Quran 21:107)

Our most joyous and heartfelt felicitations to you all on the birth of the most perfect human being to walk this earth – Prophet Muhammad (S)! May we all grow closer to Allah (SWT) through his example and strive to learn more about our beloved Prophet.

The past few months have been very difficult for our brothers and sister in Afghanistan. Every time they go to mosque, they are not certain if they will come back home.

The Zahra Trust teams are on the ground in Afghanistan serving local communities but the need is greater now more than ever. Please continue to give generously – give in the name of the best of mankind whose birth we are celebrating.

Our local teams on the ground are working tirelessly to distribute food to families in need. Donate to support our work on this blessed occasion.