7 days and 15,000 Food Parcels Delivered!

The month of Ramadan is already 1/4 complete and we are doing our best to make a difference for the most needy in the world! 

With your support we’ve provided over 15,000 families with food for the entire month of Ramadan!

Each food parcel we deliver provides a family with all the local staple foods to keep them nourished all month long. These parcels are critical for families in extreme poverty and remote areas.

Keep the great work going

We still need your support to provide nightly Iftar!

With Covid-19 still preventing people from gathering in many countries to have iftar, your iftar sponsorship does so much more. Every Iftar is hand delivered to a needy families home to ensure they can enjoy a hot meal and keep their family safe.

These hot meals are prepared daily and delivered by our diligent staff around the world. Last year we provided 400,000 hot meals in the month of Ramadan, this year we want and can do more – Support iftar sponsorship through our Ramadan Campaign!

Remembering our Dearly Departed

As we partake in the brotherhood, spirituality, bounties of this month let’s not forget all our family and friends who were with us in years past and are no longer with us. 

This Ramadan we’re offering a new service – “The Marhoom Package“. This package has a year of prayers, a month of fasting, a complete recitation of the Quran and a Ziyarat on behalf of your deceased loved ones. A great service in the memory of your loved ones!

With a Water well sponsorship, you create an urgent resource for communities in need and when dedicated to our deceased a continuous reward in their memory. These water wells are being provided in remote villages that are otherwise subject to hardships and illnesses without your support. Each well is dedicated with a plaque, pictures and videos are provided to show the impact of your support!

Stay in the loop with Zahra Trust

Check out our blog posts to see frequent updates this month to aid being delivered to people in need!

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Our Holy Prophet (S) has said:

One who guides to help is rewarded the same as the one who provides help.

Please help us spread the word! Share our projects and together we can do so much more to help the people in need!