Refreshed and Busy!

While it may still feel like hibernation season, we’re refreshed and busy!

2020 Tax receipts

We’re starting to issue full year tax receipts and if you’ve made donations over $500 this year, you’ll automatically receive a 2020 full year tax receipt. All receipts should be out in the next 2 weeks.

If you need a receipt sooner, please send us an email to [email protected] if possible include your donation details from the year to help us along the process.

@ZahraTrust on Venmo!

We’ve started a new project that allows you to make Sadqa / Charitable donations on Venmo!

We’re testing the platform to allow people to ONLY donate general charity amounts to be disbursed quickly around the world to people in need. So when you’re traveling or in a hurry but want to take out some charity, use Venmo and we’ll make sure it makes an impact fast!

Want to donate a sheep? Send a Venmo of $110 to @zahratrust along with who you’d like to sponsor the sheep for, and we’ll have a sheep slaughtered and given to orphans and the poor within the next day!

Water Wells & Orphan Sponsorship

We’ve completed over 25 sponsored water wells this year! We’re sending out updates to all our sponsors. Please be on the lookout for emails from [email protected] for pictures and videos of your water well!

With over 60 children sponsored last year we’re sending out pictures and family details to all our sponsors. We will also be sending out details on our updated sponsorship program. You’ll now be able to make a greater impact in the lives of needy children! If you’d like more information on sponsorship please send an email to: [email protected]

Want to know what we’re up to around the world?

Check out our Blog: https://zahratrust.org/category/blog/

We’re updating about our projects and efforts around the world, on our blog! You can see pictures and read stories about what’s happening and how you’re making a difference to people in need!

Look for regular updates to stay in the know!

Our new phone number!

We’re always working to improve! Now you can reach us at our new phone number!


Please remember we’re staffed by volunteers. If you don’t get in touch with someone right away leave a message and we’ll reach out to you!

Your continued support is always needed

As the year continues, we need your support to make a change in the world. People in need are suffering as this pandemic continues, and with your help every day we make a difference in people’s lives. In these difficult times, let’s work together to be the light that guides to a better tomorrow!

The Zahra Trust is actively working in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen and with Syrian refugees that all await your support!